The game with multiple games inside

As you all know that slot machine games have many versions in them. Due to which it is most played game by online gamers. If you come to know that you can find multiple games in one of the online games then what more you want. No more suspense that game is called mega spin slot. It is a sequence of five slot machines consisting of multiple screens. Below are the attributes on explained for you.

Major millions: This mega spin games consist of six screens each machine have its independent slot with three reels and three play lines.

Wild symbol: This is a symbol which helps you to complete winning combination. It is also the beginning for the huge jackpot. You will have chance to win the jackpot based on the wild symbols you get.

Progressive jackpot:  Only two conditions to get qualified for the progressive jackpot and they are the bet being the highest value one and the three combinations of wild symbols. The progressive jackpot is increases little by little on end of each game. You can see the progressive jackpot feature in lotteries. If the jackpot is not won in the current draw then the amount is carry forwarded to the next draw. Due to which the amount get increased. In any of the cases once the jackpot is wined the jackpot amount is reset to the prearranged value. Most often the progressive jackpot is linked to many slot machines as this will increase the value  faster as the number of no wining game would be more.

Double magic: It is not like major millions , the player can change the screens as many he wants to play. The screens range is from four to max of nine. The symbols are same like bars, cherries, stars and sevens. For each slot machine there is a single pay line. After selecting the number of screen next the player need to select the betting option. If player has selected two coin and the player wins the match he will only get the double of it that is four coins. So there is no special advantage of selecting higher number of coins. Later the player spins the wheel the mechanism is set in such way that the reel will spin all the machines together. Once the slot machine stops then the result is computed on the table for each machine. Based on the number of winning combination the payout is given. Most the player enjoy the game when the slots are stopped one after the other, because they can count the wining payout and lot of suspense will be created among the players. We have another game which is same like double magic that is mega spin high 5s. This also has 9 slot machines and each screen has three reels with one pay line.

Sevens: They are the red seven or multicoloured sevens which can be used combine to form a combination.

If you are one among the classic slot game lover then these games are the must play games.

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